book cover with an image of a university building's columns with the text of _Beyond Education: Radical Studying for Another World_ by Eli Meyerhoff
image of a university's ivory tower being sliced in two by a red wedge, along with the text, Abolitionist University Studies: An Invitation

Eli Meyerhoff

Co-Author of Abolitionist University Studies: An Invitation (with Abigail Boggs, Eli Meyerhoff, Nick Mitchell, and Zach Schwartz-Weinstein)

Author of a book, Beyond Education: Radical Studying for Another World (U. of Minnesota Press, 2019)

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Most recently: Marx, Critique, and Abolition: Higher Education as Infrastructure

Media on Beyond Education:
Podcast interviews:
- on Against Everyone with Conner Habib
- on Against The Grain - focusing on a political history of grade-divided schools
- on This Is Hell!
- on The Final Straw Radio (with more in-depth discussion of resistance on the margins of academia)
- on the Public Intellectual podcast with Jessa Crispin
- on Laborwave (along with Zach Schwartz-Weinstein) - with discussion of abolitionist university studies

Text interviews and essays:
An interview with Amy Sojot and Alexander Means in the Review of Education, Pedagogy, and Cultural Studies,
- An interview in The New Inquiry with Zaina Alsous called "A Detrimental Education",
- An exchange in Other Education: The Journal of Educational Alternatives with Helen Lees,
- Interview in the LA Review of Books,
- An essay in ROAR Magazine called "Studying beyond education for a world beyond capitalism",

Other media:
- Video of my discussion with Bill Ayers at the People's Forum NYC
- Seminary Coop podcast "The Front Table" on "the pursuit of knowledge in and beyond education"

Current job:Program Coordinator at The John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute, Duke University

Social Media:
- Bluesky
- Twitter

Contact: eli [dot] meyerhoff [at] gmail [dot] com